To empower students and counselors with the right tools to navigate the admissions journey.


To provide high school counselors with a platform that is adaptive, to the point, and takes a student-first approach to application management.


Empower Students & Counselors with the right tools

Binoy Mehta, Co-Founder

A resourceful counselor with 15 years of experience in the higher education industry.

Actively connected with international universities and high schools across 15 countries, Binoy has impacted 10,000+ students with their education journey. He has an easygoing personality and is known for coming up with out-of-the-box solutions via Campus Connect and Binoy Mehta Advisory.

Binoy Mehta
Kunal Prajapati Co-Founder

Kunal Prajapati, Co-Founder

A digital solutions consultant with an impeccable media sales track record.

Director and Vice President at Unipro Education, Kunal has spent 12 years consulting customers on creative digital solutions in the education industry. Kunal likes reading biographies, news, and inspirational books in his spare time.


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